Why an On-Demand IT Department?

Cost Savings

The average cost of an CTO can be upwards of 175K-300K per year. With an on-demand IT Executive, you only pay for what you use.


We have the ability to focus on the larger picture and to think strategically. Developers, UX designers and project managers should be focusing on the product details. As your CTO, it is our responsibility to lead the team in the right direction with a common goal in mind. We focus on the future and anticipate the next step, always helping you stay ahead of emerging trends.

Resource Management

Information technology covers a vast and varied landscape. Infrastructure, Software development, networks, cyber security. You have to hire talented people you trust and like working with to get the company's goals accomplished. We can help you find or provide you the expertise you need and help with oversight and management. Have your own team? We can work with them. Need additional resources? We can bring a team to help execute and deliver on your projects

On-Demand IT Executive

The job of an IT executive is to is to help the company's businesspeople, customers, and prospective customers navigate the complexities of technology and empower the mission of the company through the alignment of technological solutions to business objectives.

IT Guidance

Apply new technologies to sharpen your competitive edge and advance the company mission. Should you buy off the shelf or will you need a custom solution? What areas of my business can I automate with technology? Is now the right time to embrace cloud technologies?

IT Ops

Streamline IT operations for transparency and control. From issue tracking and management to CI/CD pipelines we can bring processes and automation to keep your IT demand process running smoothly and transparently.

Cost Savings

Employ cloud based serverless solutions to reduce IT operating costs by leveraging a pay-for-what-you-use model.

Viability and Growth

Technology is a major concern in any industry or organization for growth and staying competitive. WE can help shape the vision through technology for your business.

Custom Solutions

Ecommerce Platform

We can help select the right e-commerce platform for you or build a custom platform tailored to your unique pricing, marketing and display options. Once platform is selected we can help with product data ingestion (images, copy, and pricing)

Systems integration

We've integrated many platforms using API's, data integrations, and even screen scraping when necessary. Need your ERP to talk to your CRM? We can help. Need your e-commerce platform to talk to your inventory management system, we can help.

Cloud Migration

Looking to leverage the power of the cloud? We can help refactor your applications to take advantage of the pay-for-what-you use cloud model. Moving to this model has reduced client hosting costs while dramatically improving resiliency and agility

Something Completely New?

Have an idea, but can't find an off the shelf solution to meet your needs? We can work with you define your idea, architect a solution and even provide IT resources and management to execute on your idea.

IT Guidance

IT Process Management / SDLC Modernization

We can help implement issue capture, tracking and management for efficient IT demand management with transparency. Automation is a key attribute in software development. Reducing human error and increasing time to market by automating arduous repetitive tasks allowing smaller, faster releases.

Software Assessment

Offer IT cost guidance, product research and recommendations

Resource Management

Help find, assess, and manage IT contingent workforce

Whatever your tech needs are, we can help!

Let's talk.